Rockbusters internship offer is for any sporty university student from EU connected to rock climbing and outdoor adventure sports willing to gain experience from running and organizing outdoor climbing courses, coaching camps, and trips.

What you can experience with Rockbusters?


  • Marketing and social media content
  • Photos & short video edit
  • Articles & coverage from events
  • Coaching beginners & advanced climbers
  • Events logistics and organizing



What do we want from you?


  • 1500€ to cover your travel, accommodation, and coaching expenses (money will be raised from Erasmus+ or another program)
  • Short essay in English on topics we agree on connected with sports, marketing, mountain safety, and first aid, ...



What do we offer to you?


  • Outdoor rock climbing instructor license issued in the Czech Republic
  • One month of active participation on our rock climbing courses and trips
  • Discount on La Sportiva and Singing Rock equipment


What are our requirements for you to be able to apply?


  • At least 5 years of climbing experience 
  • Being able to lead min. F6c
  • Fluent English speaking
  • Social and non-conflict person


In case of interest please contact us at or +34 678 243 573



About us:


Rockbusters is a rock climbing company that has grown out of a genuine passion for climbing. We love and live what we do. That’s why we don’t just sell climbing holidays, trips, or events. We don’t just provide guides, coaches, instructors, and gear. 


Our aim goes far beyond that. We strive to introduce people who decide to join us to the whole culture behind what we love to do most in our lives. We maintain the motivation high. Our lifelong dedication is the best proof that we are good at it. We know what it gets to internalize the right habits that will lead to continuous progress. 


We are a community of equally passionate climbers with different educational and professional backgrounds. We provide complex and revealing insights into rock climbing as a sport and as a lifestyle, as well as multiple approaches to passing on the necessary skills to help you to become a better climber on both, physical and mental level. 


In our view, growing up as a climber entails growing up as a person. We live and work in natural environments, and an important part of what we do is sharing our positive attitude towards nature. We promote partnership and respect for all living and non-living elements of our world. At the start of the new year, we will be joining the 1% For The Planet project.   



What types of courses do we do?


  • Sport climbing courses & trip

    • Pro-climbers coaching clinics
    • Sport climbing road trips
    • Woman only climbing
    • Beginners / learn to lead climbing course





What is our philosophy?


In general, we wanna have fun and play hard and this is the spirit we pass around on our coaching camps and trips. In climbing nothing comes for free, it is hard, painful, frustrating, mentally demanding, … but giving your best shot over and over is the way to climb better and get the fulfilling feeling when sipping the beer afterward and also the only way to improve and achieve your climbing goals.


On our coaching camps, courses and trips we will push you as hard as you let us but you can be almost certain you will become a better climber afterward.



What’s included


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