Klemen Becan


Birthdate: 14.8.1982

Residence: Rakek, Slovenia

Years Climbing: 25

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kbecan

Instagram: kbecan25

Blog: http://kbecan.blogspot.com/

Video: https://vimeo.com/110348247

Age 7 Klemen tried to climb for the first time and since then all he wanted to do was to climb. Soon he joined the competition group and started to train more seriously and with age 14 he started with international competitions in Slovenian Youth climbing team. He had many good results and age 15 he became world youth champion. In the big competitions it was a little harder and he had to fight from the back of the rankings and in year 2008 he finally got to the top of the podium on World cup competition in Kranj, Slovenia. In bouldering World cups he got two second places in year 2009.

More important for him than competitions was always rock climbing and he spends as much time as possible in the nature. On sight is his favorite thing and in 2004 he did his 1st 8b+ on sight. Many other hard routes followed with the hardest one Siempre se Puede Hacer Menos (https://vimeo.com/117570995) where he did on sight first ascent graded first 8c+ and later downgraded to “only” 8c after finding easier way out at the top. Klemen doesn’t like to spend much time working the routes but he still managed to do some 9a’s from which his favorite is Waterworld in his home carag in Osp (Slovenia) (http://kbecan.blogspot.com/2014/03/big-project-osp.html), where he had to approach with the kayak or later on Tyrolean traverse. In 2016 he climbed his hardest routes graded 9a+ in Oliana (Spain) and also started trying something even harder. At the moment he’s putting a lot of energy into climbing all over Catalonia and sending not just the hardest routes but also enjoying climbing in easier lines which fills him with lots of good energy. Besides climbing Klemen likes to fly. For him successfully topping out the route has never been the main goal. More important is to enjoy the climb, give a big fight and take long fall at the end.








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