Climbing coaching

All of you highly motivated sport climbers be aware now. No matter the greade or your experince, you all welcome. All you need is the motivation to push yourselves to climb BETTER, HARDER & MORE !!

Has your climbing been stagnant these past few seasons? Have you been training hard, but you haven’t seen the benefits of your training on real rock? Are you sick of one-hanging your projects? Does it bother you to keep blowing your onsights at the chains? Does it feel like no matter what you do, you just aren’t improving as quickly as you would like? 


If this sounds like you, then it is time to take your sport climbing to the next level. This camp will change your climbing game forever. With experts in training and performance from around the globe, this camp will not only alter the outcomes of your climbing season – it could change the trajectory of your climbing career.


It’s time to stop hoping you’ll get better and actually do something about it instead. Sign up today, and get ready to crush with Alizee, Dave, Paxti, Klemen, and the Rockbusters team. 


  • One on one coaching tailored to your needs and unique abilities.
  • Video analysis as your work through the projecting process
  • Lots of time on the rock to apply what you learn
  • Individual approach to your needs, will and level


Dave Graham has ascents of V16 and 5.15b under his belt - the man has redpointed a lot of hard rock climbs and has wisdom to impart to you. Klemen Becan, experience coach and passionate onsight climber, will give you tools to improve your onsight game (and he would know, he has onsighted 5.14c). Rounding out our all-star line-up is pro climber Alizee Dufraisse. From competition climbing to redpointing hard sport, Alizee will bring you what you need to know about trying hard on your projects. And of course Jany from Rockbusters with his unforgetable advice "can't clip it, skip it" will be around to squeeze you like a lemon.


They say you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So it stands to reason that a week or two with this group of experts, will open you up to new possibilities. You will climb with them, learn from them, and receive one on one attention to help you become the best climber you can be - and you might crack a few beers and hear some wild stories from them too. 


Throughout the camp, you will work directly with the pros on the rock. But the learning does not stop there. Our panelists will be presenting seminars on a wide variety of important topics to help you maximize your performance.

Seminar topics:

  • Klemen Becan / On Sight, Flash
  • Dave Graham / Redpoint Climbing
  • Alizee / Specifics for Female Climbers
  • Pablo Scorza/ Biomechanical Functionality and Injury Prevention 


As well as building confidence, strength, and ticking off some tough routes, you can also expect a hefty dose of fun! Here at Rockbusters, we take fun very seriously. We love what we do and it shows. Our first priority is that you enjoy your time with us. Sending is a lot easier when you are having a good time, anyway.


But send or no send, we like to party almost as much as we like to climb, so get ready to have a blast on and off the rock. The informal, fun atmosphere of our courses defines us. The energy of the Rockbusters crew is contagious – the gang will have you smiling and motivated to climb hard all week long.


More information on sport climbing performance


The dawn of the modern age of sport climbing came with the innovation of the RED POINT. Redpointing is a style of climbing invented by German climber Kurt Albert in Frankenjura. If you have not heard the term before it means to free climb the route from the ground to the anchors without weighting the rope. Below are the three main categories of achievement in performance rock climbing.


  • On Sight -  redpointing the route on the first go without any additional knowledge or information than just personal observation of the route from the ground.
  • Flash - redpointing the route on the first go with any provided knowledge or information by the fellow climbers, videos, route descriptions, etc.
  • Red Point - red pointing the route with prior knowledge or information from fellow climbers, videos, route descriptions, and with prior attempts on the route

What’s included

- Individualized coaching
- Climbing safety equipment & gear
- Accommodation FREE of CHARGE
- Airport and local transport is organized by shared rental cars FREE of CHARGE


- Transportation to Spain
- Travel & climbing insurance
- Food & drinks (group dinner can be purchased for €15 per meal)

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We provide all the gear, but you will need to bring your own reasonably tight climbing shoes and harness. We have belay devices, slings, and helmets, but you might prefer to bring your own. We strongly suggest bringing a down jacket, a hat, a rain jacket, a pair of comfortable approach shoes, head lamp, sleeping bag, and a backpack big enough for carrying lunch and gear to the crag. 


Upon arrival you can stop in some supermarket to shop for breakfast and lunch food for the week. There is refrigerator in the bungalows, and there are small shops in Rodellar to replenish supplies.


There are few cool restaurants and bars in Rodellar to have dinner. Communal dinners can be organized if required.


Bunk rooms in bungalows of Camping Mascun. There are hot showers, wifi, and restaurant/bar with nice food, coffee, beer, vine, ...  in the campsite.



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Barcelona International Airport


Barcelona International Airport

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