Bouldering Albarracin

Test your skills to the limit without the hassle of a harness. With big overhangs and highballs, and no worries about doing yourself serious damage if you deck out, this course is a great way to build your skills in a top location.


Sometimes you just can't be bothered with a rope and harness. We know that feeling better than most but it doesn’t mean you can’t still test your climbing skills to the limit.  

Albarracin is one of the top spots for anyone who’s boulder-mad. Join us for one of our epic Rockbusters bouldering trips and you’ll get to take on some of Europe’s best sandstone. There are big roofs, overhangs and high balls aplenty, as well as slabs of all grades. And if you deck out, it’s never a big drop.

Bouldering is also a great way for beginners to build confidence. Work on your strength, tone up and get your technique straight without having to take on any high routes before you’re ready.

We can’t mention Albarracin without talking about the stunning scenery. This place is simply incredible and a killer backdrop to it’s world-class boulders. So, if you’re tired of being tied up with ropes and harnesses, get yourself to Albarracin with Rockbusters and fall in love with climbing all over again. 

We provide the complete climbing experience where technique and down time are equally important. Come and join the Rockbusters crew for bouldering and partying to see for yourself. 




As much coaching and guiding as you want and need.

All safety equipment including crashpads - but feel free to bring your own.

Pick up and drop off in Valencia at times agreed to suit the group. Other locations can be accommodated on request (FREE CHARGE).

Transport between crags (FREE CHARGE).

Shared accommodation in climbing hostals, camps (FREE CHARGE).


Flights, travel, climbing insurance and food are not included. You will also need to BRING YOUR OWN CLIMBING SHOES


Evening group meals are provided on request at a cost of 15€ each. There will normally be 2 dishes on offer and you can go for both. We also include wine .. in reasonable quantities !


For all boulderes at any level and abilities. Our experienced team will plan the days so that everyone climbs as much they can and gets all the coaching they need.


Day 1 - Pick up from ´Valencia airport at times to suit the group as a whole. Common dinner on the first night and a relaxed discussion about the week ahead, people's abilities and ambitions for the week.

Day 2 - Introduction to bouldering. Getting a taste for the rock and some warm-up boulders. Safety, how to spot each other, falling, ...

Day 3 - More bouldering, technique coahing, crashing some harder boulders, searching projects.

Day 4 - More bouldering, technique coahing, crashing some harder boulders, searching projects.

Day 5 - For the normal ones REST DAY, for mutants more BOULDERING! Video analysis. 

Day 6 - Discussion and practice on red-pointing, flash, and onsite methods. Making sure everyone is having fun and progressing their goals on the rock.

Day 7 - Consolidate our week work. Finish those projects we started. It's time for the farewell dinner and party for those with some energy. 

Day 8 - Everyone gets back to the bus station or airport safe and sound and we say goodbye - until next time.

Note: Everyone needs a rest day but we don't fix these into the itinerary. Listen to your body and take break when you need it.