Bouldering Albarracin: 2023-10-28 - 2023-11-04

Bouldering Course

28.10.2023 - 04.11.2023

  • Nail down the outdoor bouldering safety tricks

  • Improve your overall bouldering performance & mental game

  • Maximize your bouldering time & climb the best problems

  • Totally hassle-free climbing holidays

  • Climb better, harder & more

Bouldering is a rock climbing discipline when one tries to climb on top of a boulder or complete some boulder problem (connection of a couple of hard climbing moves). Taking out the exposure of heights, the necessity of the use of ropes and other climbing gear leaves you with pair of rock shoes, chalk, and a bouldering mat to soften the landings.


Sometimes you just can't be bothered with a rope and harness. We know that feeling better than most but it doesn’t mean you can’t still test your climbing skills to the limit. Test your skills to the limit without the hassle of a harness. With big overhangs and highballs, and no worries about doing yourself serious damage if you deck out, this course is a great way to build your skills in a top location.


Albarracin is one of the top spots for anyone who’s boulder-mad. Join us for one of our epic Rockbusters bouldering trips and you’ll get to take on some of Europe’s best sandstone. There are big roofs, overhangs, and high balls aplenty, as well as slabs of all grades. And if you deck out, it’s never a big drop.


Bouldering course highlights:


Maximum quality and quantity of climbing.

  • 6 full days of intensive bouldering with a professional guide, and coach
  • Individual approach to your needs and level
  • Maximum 7:1 client/coach ratio
  • Group courses for 5 to 15 participants
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Video analysis  

Physical & technical requirements:


  • Previous outdoor bouldering experience is not needed, at least 3 months of regular indoor climbing/bouldering
  • Suitable for women and men, children from 15 years
  • The course can be purchased by individuals, couples, couples, or groups of friends
  • Physical intensity: high


Detailed technical specifications of the climbing course:


  • What equipment do you need and how to choose it so you have the best climbing experience while staying safe
  • Technical safety bouldering skills like spotting, crash pad positioning, etc.
  • Movement skills to help you climb more efficiently, climbing techniques on slab, vertical & overhang ground
  • Basic understanding of outdoor risks so you can make it home safely every day
  • Personalized coaching to break through mental barriers
  • Use of guidebooks


Bouldering is also a great way for beginners to build confidence. Work on your strength, tone up, and get your technique straight without having to take on any high routes before you’re ready.


We can’t mention Albarracin without talking about the stunning scenery. This place is simply incredible and has a killer backdrop to its world-class boulders. So, if you’re tired of being tied up with ropes and harnesses, get yourself to Albarracin with Rockbusters and fall in love with climbing all over again. 


We provide a complete climbing experience where technique and downtime are equally important. Come and join the Rockbusters crew for bouldering and partying to see for yourself. 




What’s included

  • Guiding (local knowledge)
  • Individualized coaching
  • Climbing safety equipment & gear
  • Shared accommodation


  • Transportation
  • Accommodation of any higher standards
  • Climbing and travel insurance
  • Food & drinks
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Albarracin, Spain


  • reasonably tight climbing shoes
  • chalk bag
  • brush

We provide most of the gear, but you will need to bring your own climbing shoes. We have crash pads. We strongly suggest bringing a down jacket, a hat, a rain jacket, a pair of comfortable approach shoes, a headlamp, a sleeping bag, and a backpack big enough for carrying lunch and gear to the crag. 


Upon arrival, before you get to the place of your final destination you will need to stop in the store to shop for breakfast and lunch food for the week. Usually, there is equipped kitchen with a refrigerator in the place and close by shops to replenish supplies.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars to have dinner. Communal dinners can be organized if required.

More info will be provided after booking/inquiring!


There is a basic shared accommodation organized by Rockbusters. Our main goal is to integrate you into the local climbing communities and for these purposes, we use local climbing hostels, cottages, campsites, or places run by local climbers. Feel free to reach out to adjust these settings to your personal satisfaction. 

Bunk rooms at bungalows in Camping Ciudad de Albarracin with hot showers, wifi, and a restaurant/bar with nice food, coffee, beer, vine, ...  CAMPING CIUDAD de ALBARRACIN


For accommodation of higher standards please make a personal inquiry through email/WhatsApp.

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