Matej Hodousek


Birthdate: 06.11.1987

Residence: Prague, Czech Republic

Years Climbing: 17

Facebook Page:
Instagram: @chcipohyb

Matej is a fitness specialist and movement therapist focused on climbers.


  • Analyzation and correction of climbing movement patterns
  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation after an injury
  • Posture correction
  • Strength and mobility preparation
  • Movement principles for sustainable (long life) climbing
  • Manual technics for pain relief
  • Basic climbing techniques - proper footwork, correct balance
  • Climbing safety - belay/lead belay, anchor set up, lead climbing, spotting, ...

About Matej:

A few years after the university I realized that wood engineering is not my destiny. I started to educate myself in fitness. I began as a coach and climbing instructor. After some years I got a job in a place with a climbing specialization. I worked with many climbers every day. They came to me with finger pain, shoulder, elbow pain, etc. Also, I worked with competitors (the Czech climbing team). I helped them make their movements more efficient and free of any danger to their muscles and tendons. It was complete work containing after-season regeneration and pre-season conditioning of an athlete. I participated in some European championships as a physio support.

Thanks to these experiences and my 17 years of climbing I understand better climbing movements so I can help with a number of health issues associated with climbing.

I always put maximum emphasis on individual characteristics and differences.


Reach Matejs' article on our blog Climbing Movement Specialist


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