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Climbing Movement Specialist


Meet Matej Hodousek, our newest addition to the Rockbusters coaching team. Matej is a climbing movement specialist who provides movement therapy and coaches effective and healthy climbing movement patterns. He also advises on the health risks associated with sport climbing and climbing training. Matej has experience coaching climbers of all levels, and most notably worked as a physical therapist for the Czech climbing team during international competitions.

Matej focuses on three aspects of climbing and climbing training to help enrich your climbing abilities.


The efficiency of climbing movement

Each climber undergoes a climbing motion analysis, where Matej assesses the weak points in your climbing movement. Inefficient climbing movement equates to an inefficient use of power while climbing. Examples of weak points can include insufficient support of one or both lower limbs, incorrect position of the shoulder blades during certain movements, or insufficient rotation of the spine. Tailored exercises will be suggested to you to correct your movement patterns and make your climbing more efficient.

Rehab and prehab

In the case of acute pain that doesn't allow you to perform at 100%, Matej will provide you with the necessary steps to get you on the road to recovery and back to training. During the climbing movement analysis, you will learn if your body is moving in a healthy way or if you are at risk of overloading and injury. Based on this, you will receive rehabilitation exercises that will help you stop this process and prevent injury.

Improving training habits

Voluntary warm-ups and relaxation exercises after climbing will be a part of the daily program. From these exercises, it is recommended that you adopt some into your regular warm-up and cool-down routines. To help you create better at-home training habits, daily workshops will be held on a variety of topics. Examples of topics include but are not limited to: Strength Exercises for Climbers, Mobility in Climbing, Climbing Grip, Self-relaxation Techniques, etc.



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