Once again, Adam Ondra has broken the limits by redpointing the world´s first 9c! Undoubtebly the best climber around willing to share his know how and guide/coach you through it. Join Adam and Rockbusters for ON SIGHT & RED POINT work shop followed by Patxi Usobiaga PUC TRAINING.

All sport climbers wake up… Rockbusters are offering climbing with Adam Ondra – the World’s best climber – who’ll provide two days on-sight and red point coaching in Siurana and Margalef. Expect a lot of climbing, expert coaching with plenty of Rockbuster’s fun.

The focus of your time climbing with Adam Ondra is strategy and mindset, to focus your climbing technique and improve your climbing. You’ll get plenty of direct coaching from Adam to fine tune technical elements of climbing. You’ll also learn strategies for on-sight and red point climbing – all to put you in the mind-set to flash a rock face first time.

This masterclass climbing workshop of on-sight & red point coaching is not for everyone. You’ll need to be proficient in 6c red point and able to send 6b on-sight at a minimum.

Spending time on the face with the world’s best climber is a unique opportunity and it’s inevitable that some of his skills will rub off on you. Long term, climbing with Adam Ondra will inspire your progression as a climber, as he leaves you with focussed plan of your climbing development.

Adam Ondra on-sight & red point coaching schedule

In the evening, before the first day of climbing with Adam Ondra, he’ll introduce his on-sight climbing methods. Using a slideshow, commentated video, and photos he’ll give you a sound understanding of the theory with plenty of time for questions and conversation.

Day 1: On-sight

Adam will take the group to the crag and conduct a warm up. Then he’ll add to the previous evening's discussion by giving a practical explanation followed by a demonstration of putting on-sight theory into action.

Next it is your turn. Each climber will choose a route suitable for their ability and will attempt to climb it on-sight. Throughout the day you’ll practice on-sight climbing, Adam will be on-hand to provide tips and advice.

During the day the group will be filmed, and video will be used for further analysis later in the day. Adam will start by analysing his on-sight attempt and, if you would like, he will analyse yours too.

Before you pack up for the evening Adam will discuss red point theory. Again there will be plenty of visual aids and an open discussion to keep it interesting and informative.

Day 2: Red point

Again Adam will take you to the chosen crag and get things started with a thorough warm up. First up Adam will give a demonstration of putting red point theory into action on the face.

Each climber will chose an appropriate route to try to project. The goal is to send the route in two or three attempts. With valuable insights Adam will coach you in putting the red point theory into practice.

In the evening there will be further video analysis with a breakdown of your red point attempts. Adam will look at ways you can improve, leaving you with areas to work on to ensure you keep improving as a climber.



Day 1 - Pick up from airport at times to suit the group as a whole. Common dinner on the first night and a relaxed discussion about the week ahead, people's abilities and ambitions for the week.

Day 2 - Introduction to local style of climbing. Getting a taste for the rock and some warm-up routes. Reviewing safe belay, top-roping and a refresher on leading for those with goals. Night - Adam Ondra OS theory, slide show, ...

Day 3 - OS with Adam Ondra. Demonstration. Hittin the rock hard. Adams analysis and trying again, ...

Day 4 - RP with Adam Ondra. Domonstration. Finding suitable project and going for it.

Day 5 - Rest day / relaxed climbing day with Rockbusters guides - get your muscles ready ;)

Day 6 - Hitting all projects hard. Personal and individual coaching from Klemen Becan. Lets´ see what can be done.

Day 7 - Consolidate our weeks work. Finish those projects we started and lock in the skills we learned. It's time for the farewell dinner and party for those with some energy. 

Day 8 - Everyone gets back to the bus station or airport safe and sound and we say goodbye - until next time.

Note: Everyone needs a rest day but we don't fix these into the itinerary. Listen to your body and take break when you need it.








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What you need to know

  1. We welcome intermediate to expert climbers. To get the most out of this workshop with Adam we recommend that you lead comfortably F6b (5.11).
  2. You gonna be personally coached by Adam Ondra. He will share his personal tricks for OS&RP with you.
  3. Pablo Scorza will share his knowledge for injury prevention. There is gonna be time for personal consultation.
  4. This is a climbing trip and our number one goal is to maximize your time spent on the rock.

Typical day

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There is a basic shared accommodation organized by Rockbusters (15€ - 25€ a night). Our main goal is to integrate you into the local climbing communities and for these purposes we use local climbing hostels, cottages, campsites or places run by local climbers. Feel free to reach out to adjust these settings to your personal satisfaction. 

Montsant Natura, Cornudella de Montsant  LOREFUGI.MONTSANTNATURA.CAT


Upon arrival before you get to the place of your final destination you will need to stop in the store to shop for breakfast and lunch food for the week. Usually there is equiped kitchen with refrigerator in the place and close by shops to replenish supplies.

There are plenty restaurants and bars in to have dinner. Communal dinners can be organized if required.

More info will be provided after booking/inquiring!


We provide all the gear, but you will need to bring your own reasonably tight climbing shoes and harness. We have belay devices, slings, and helmets, but you might prefer to bring your own. We strongly suggest bringing a down jacket, a hat, a rain jacket, a pair of comfortable approach shoes, head lamp, sleeping bag, and a backpack big enough for carrying lunch and gear to the crag. 

What’s included

- 2 days On-sight & red point coaching with Adam Ondra

- 2 sesions with Pablo Scorza Biomechanica Funcional

- 4 days individualized coaching from Rockbusters team
- Climbing safety equipment & gear

- Airport pick up and drop off are organized by shared rental cars FREE of CHARGE
- Transportation between crags FREE of CHARGE



- Accommmodation (basic shared accommodation will be organized, 15€ - 25€ a night)
- Transportation to Spain
- Travel & climbing insurance
- Food & drinks (group dinner can be purchased for €15 per meal)


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