Trad climbing course: 2023-07-08 - 2023-07-15

Trad Climbing Course

08.07.2023 - 15.07.2023

  • Explore new dimensions and challenges of rock climbing

  • Become an independent & self-confident climber on trad routes


Imagine this: You are climbing a rock face some 100+ meters above the ground, tied into two cords, running your fingers through the gear on your harness, and trying to choose the right piece that will fit into a fissure in front of your face. Tall mountains around and a narrow valley behind you provide a backdrop to the scene. How far below me is my last solid protection, you wonder. I’m in good hands with my climbing partner, you reassure yourself.


This is exactly what trad climbing can be like: a complex mixture of emotions and physical effort. Fear, frustration, mental and physical fatigue... Satisfaction, pleasure… The experience can be super rewarding if everything goes well



Climbing course highlights:


  • Maximum quality and quantity of climbing
  • 6 full days of intensive trad climbing with a professional guide and coach
  • Individual approach to your needs and level
  • Maximum 4:1 client/coach ratio
  • Group courses for 2 to 8 participants
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Video analysis  


Physical & technical requirements:


  • Previous outdoor sport climbing experience needed min. RP grade 6b
  • Suitable for women and men, children from 15 years
  • The course can be purchased by individuals, couples, or groups of friends
  • Physical intensity: medium/high



Detailed technical specification of the climbing course:


All skills and tricks needed to become an independent & self-confident climber on trad routes such as:


  • Choosing the right necessary equipment for the best climbing experience while staying safe, how to treat and store it
  • Reading and understanding of guide books and topos, route finding, …
  • Basic understanding of outdoor risks (so you can make it home safely every day)
  • Proper belaying  lead belaying techniques, catching falls dynamically
  • Climbing calls and communication - get your message
  • Lead trad climbing techniques (efficient clipping, cleaning anchors, …)
  • Proper and fast placement of the right pieces of your gear
  • Stance management; how to handle the rope, hanging belays, ...
  • Building belay stances and anchors using trad gear
  • Abseils and retreats for getting yourself back down to terra firma
  • Self-rescue skills - worth knowing if you want to make it home safely
  • Choose proper strategy (place a piece or climb further) to be fast, efficient, and safe
  • Fear management
  • Personalized coaching to break through mental barriers


It may feel overwhelming and too difficult to start trad climbing on your own. Finding a skilled enough climbing buddy whom you can trust for a trad or multi-pitch adventure is not easy either. Our professional, internationally-certified guides will teach you all you need to know to get out there, climb on your own gear, build a belay stance and anchor, and handle big runouts when necessary. The course is suitable for sport climbers comfortable leading around 6b grade.


Our trad climbing course is your ticket to new climbing adventures, breathtaking places around the world, and special feelings coming from your achievements. The ability to climb trad will broaden your climbing horizons, and one day may turn your attention to exploring some of the world’s best and most iconic climbing routes. If you want to enter into this new dimension of climbing, you will need to learn everything about the trad gear, belay stances, anchors, rappelling, ropes, etc.


Our mission is to help you to have fun climbing while staying safe. The main goal for the trad climbing course (first week) is to teach you all the skills necessary for climbing trad - everything you need to master before you get your own gear and go trad climbing without a guide while staying reasonably safe.


Adding traditional climbing to your arsenal of skills will give you the confidence to climb higher and more technical routes than ever before. All of this learning takes place in a fun and friendly environment with all the playful Rockbusters crew and lively hospitality thrown in for good measure. We work hard and play hard, and so will you.




What’s included

  • Individualized coaching
  • Climbing safety equipment & gear
  • Basic shared accommodation


  • Transportation 
  • Travel & climbing insurance
  • Food & drinks 
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Bohuslän, Sweden


reasonalby tight climbing shoes / harness / helmet / belay device (ATC Guide or similar) / 2 screw gate carabiners / 60cm sling

We provide all the gear, but you will need to bring your own reasonably tight climbing shoes and harness. We have belay devices, slings, and helmets, but you might prefer to bring your own. We strongly suggest bringing a down jacket, a hat, a rain jacket, a pair of comfortable approach shoes, a headlamp, a sleeping bag, and a backpack big enough for carrying lunch and gear to the crag. 


Upon arrival, before you get to the place of your final destination you will need to stop in the store to shop for breakfast and lunch food for the week. Usually, there is equipped kitchen with a refrigerator in the place and close-by shops to replenish supplies.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars to have dinner. Communal dinners can be organized if required.

More info will be provided after booking/inquiring!


  • Shared accommodation in local climbing hostels, cottages, campsites, or places run by local climbers

  • Private room possible if required ahead (will be charged extra)

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