OVERHANGS / OS & RP TECHNIQUES14.07.2018 - 21.07.2018

Are you an intermediate climber eager to overcome a plateau or progress faster? Our signature coaching is what you need, if we say so ourselves. Learn essential climbing skills in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the benefits of mentorship.

Focusing on balance and efficient movement, you will see a dramatic improvement in your ability even without getting physically stronger. But we’ve got some beta on that too, just ask! We’re here to help you maximise your time on the rock and send the route of a lifetime. 

This trip is a follow up to our Sport Climbing Camp, LEARN TO LEAD / FOOTWORK & BALANCE 07-14.07.2018. Depending on your level and availability, choose week one (beginner oriented), week two (more advanced) or both. We will make sure to accommodate your level and needs.

Climbers confident in their physical abilities will receive coaching on the mental strategies required for success in hard OS and RP projects. We will break down the differences between the two and equip you with psychological skills necessary to unlock your physical potential. 

This trip is open to all levels but our focus will be on more advanced techniques. If you’re looking for coaching suitable for climbers in the higher eighs (f8b and above), we suggest you book one of our pro climbers’ coaching programs, or get in touch to discuss your needs.

Slabs / vertical ground
If you already lead comfortably f5 or harder, you can now focus on footwork, learn how to work with your balance to find the most efficient  way to move up on the rock. 

If you already lead f6c or harder, you will learn a wide range of techniques and skills to increase your confidence and performance on steep terrain. You will develop learn how to save energy, move with ease and clip the chains of amazing, overhanging lines. 

On-sight / red point
This part of the course is dedicated to climbers who are already confident in their balance and footwork and fit enough to tackle more challenging projects (generally leading f7a and above).

In summary 
Whatever your level, you will build up your confidence, skills and strength and take one some challenging climbs. 
All Rockbusters courses are planned to maximise your time on the rock but we like to be relaxed and have fun. We love what we do and want you to enjoy the chill atmosphere of our climbing trips. 

All the dates

23.02.2019 - 02.03.2019 - 750€

06.07.2019 - 13.07.2019 - 790€

06.07.2019 - 20.07.2019 - 1,490€

13.07.2019 - 20.07.2019 - 790€



As much coaching and guiding as you want and need, from our team.

All safety equipment including quick draws, ropes, harness , helmet - but feel free to bring your own.


Pick up and drop off at closest airport. Other locations can be accommodated on request (FREE CHARGE).

Transport between crags (FREE CHARGE).

Shared accommodation in climbing hostals, camps (FREE CHARGE).


Flights, travel, climbing insurance and food are not included. You will also need to BRING YOUR OWN CLIMBING SHOES


Evening group meals are provided on request at a cost of 15€ each. There will normally be 2 dishes on offer and you can go for both. We also include wine .. in reasonable quantities !


Climbing shoes, harness, helmet, belay device, 60cm sling with screw gate carabiner, sleeping bag, foam pad, good approach shoes, back pack, warm light jacket, headlamp.


Siutable for people with some CLIMBING EXPRIENCE (belay, lead belay, top rope, lead, ...). From sporty beginners through to experts leading at F8, our experienced team will plan the days so that everyone climbs as much they can and gets all the coaching they need.


Day 1 - Pick up from airport at times to suit the group as a whole. Common dinner on the first night and a relaxed discussion about the week ahead, people's abilities and ambitions for the week.

Day 2 - Introduction to climbing. Getting a taste for the rock and some warm-up routes. Reviewing safe belay, top-roping and a refresher on leading for those with goals.

Day 3 - More climbing, top-roping on some trickier routes for the beginners. Gaining confidence and improving lead climbing technique for intermediates and advanced.

Day 4 - First lead climbs for the beginner group on easy terrain. Advanced belaying and controlling falls dynamically.

Day 5 - Time to add some technical coaching. Finding and working a red-point project for the advanced.

Day 6 - Discussion and practice on red-pointing, flash, and onsight methods. Making sure everyone is having fun and progressing their technique on the rock.

Day 7 - Consolidate our weeks work. Finish those projects we started and lock in the skills we learned. It's time for the farewell dinner and party for those with some energy. 

Day 8 - Everyone gets back to the bus station or airport safe and sound and we say goodbye - until next time.

Note: Everyone needs a rest day but we don't fix these into the itinerary. Listen to your body and take break when you need it.



Arrival: Bilbao Airport
Departure: Bilbao Airport