Performance Coaching + Gear Test: 2022-10-15 - 2022-10-29

Performance Coaching + Gear Test

15.10.2022 - 29.10.2022

  • TEST&DEMO Evolv rock shoes, Singing Rock gear, Send kneepads

  • Improve your climbing performance, technique & mental game

  • Push past your imaginary physical and mental limits

  • Enjoy a great climbing community and vibe


Rockbusters is teaming up with Evolv, Singing Rock, and Send for 14-day coaching and gear testing event in one of Europe’s premier sport-climbing destinations. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to improve your climbing performance by learning from professional coaches and finding the gear that works best for you.


Rockbusters founder Jany Novotny is joining forces with professional athlete Alizée Dufraisse to push your limits and take your climbing to a whole new level. Jany has over ten years of experience guiding and coaching across Europe. Alizée is on the short list of athletes who have climbed 8c+/9a.


Evolv innovates the best climbing shoes to a new level by working closely with product developers, designers, and especially, athletes. Test through their lineup of climbing shoes to find your perfect fit.


SINGING ROCK is one of the world leaders in the market for climbing equipment. Demo their ropes, quickdraws, harnesses, helmets, and more.


Try out Send Climbing’s incredible knee pads on Rodellar’s famed overhanging tufa climbs.



Performance Coaching + Gear Test highlights


  • 6 full days of Gear Test&Demo
  • Maximum quality and quantity of climbing
  • 6 full days of intensive climbing with a professional guide and coach
  • Individual approach to your needs and level
  • Maximum 7:1 client/coach ratio
  • Group courses for 5 to 15 participants
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Video analysis  

Physical & technical requirements


  • Previous outdoor sport climbing experience needed. Minimum redpoint grade of 6b/10c.
  • Suitable for all adults and children from the age of 15
  • The course can be purchased by individuals, couples, couples, or groups of friends
  • Physical intensity: high

Detailed technical specification of this climbing course


All necessary skills and knowledge to attack routes at your limits (or beyond your imaginary limits) such as:


  • Analysis of your strengths and weaknesses

  • Choosing the right hard project and a strategy for it

  • Working through the moves and getting the best beta

  • Linking the right sequences together

  • Art of mental preparation, handling the frustration, concentration, ...

  • How and when to use clipstick & other techniques to pre-clip first quickdraw

  • Movement skills - climb more efficiently

  • Perfect balance - support your center of gravity

  • Proper footwork - trust your feet

  • Special climbing techniques (side-stepping, drop knee, flagging, heel hooking, kneebar, ...)

  • Redpoint and on-sight attempts, so you can tackle new climbs more easily

  • Personalized coaching to break through mental barriers

  • Choosing the right equipment for the best climbing experience while staying safe, plus advice on how to treat and store it

  • Basic understanding of outdoor risks

  • Proper lead belaying techniques, catching falls dynamically



There are no perfect rock shoes out there, but there are the right ones for you. They fit well, have the features and the soles you need, and specifically they suit your favorite rock type and climbing style. There is a problem though. With so many makes and models, how can you possibly find the right one to make the most of your climbing?


You might be one of the lucky ones and have already found them, but if you're still not sure Rockbusters are here to help. We have teamed up with Evolv to provide a range of their shoes for you to try and there is no better way than to actually go out there and use them for a couple of days and see how they fit.


But that’s not all…. 

Have you ever thought about how light, more comfortable, and more adjustable harnesses might feel? Or an ultralight helmet? What about using a different belay device? We have a great range of Singing Rock demonstration gear for you to try. 


Did you know that most climbers have never used a kneepad? This can be your chance to find out how it feels to wear one. We have the Send kneepads, the most popular brand out there. See how much more rest you can get out of a kneebar, and the difference it can make for a crucial move. 


We want you to explore and push your climbing as far as you can, use our demonstration gear, and, most importantly, have a great time. Use of gear from our Test & Demo Centre is already included in the course, so you can feel free on trying as much as you can. How cool is that?


It’s all part of being a member of the Rockbusters community.


Evolv high-performance rock shoes

1 pair each and 2 pairs for core sizes


    Phantom LV


    Shaman LV

    Shaman Lace

    Shaman Lace LV


Singing Rock climibng gear

Harness: Rocket, Pearl

Ropes: Icon 9.3, Icon dry 9.3

Helmets: Hex, Penta

Belay devices: Rama, Buddy, Shuttle

Quickdraws: Colt 17cm, Colt 20cm, Colt 30cm


Send knee pads

Large Classic SI

Mini Classic SI

Large Slim SI

Mini Slim SI

Wizzard Sleeve



What’s included

  • Individualized coaching
  • Climbing safety equipment & gear
  • Evolv, Singing Rock, Send DEMO gear


  • Accommodation
  • Local transport (we are happy to organize shared rental cars within the group)
  • Flights
  • Travel & climbing insurance
  • Food & drinks (group dinner can be purchased for €15 per meal)
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Rodellar, Spain


reasonalby tight climbing shoes / harness / helmet / belay device / extra screw gate carabiner

We provide most of the gear, but you will need to bring your own climbing shoes and harness. We have belay devices, slings, and helmets, but you might prefer to bring your own you use to. We strongly suggest bringing a down jacket, a hat, a rain jacket, a pair of comfortable approach shoes, a headlamp, a sleeping bag, and a backpack big enough for carrying lunch and gear to the crag. 


Upon arrival, before you get to the place of your final destination you may stop in the store to shop for breakfast and lunch food for the week. There is equipped kitchen with a refrigerator in the bungalows and small shops to replenish supplies.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars to have dinner. Communal dinners can be organized if required.

More info will be provided after booking/inquiring!


We are happy to assist you to book accommodation in Rodellar according to your requirements. Get in in touch with us at or WhatsApp at +34678243573

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Barcelona International Airport


Barcelona International Airport




Official Evolv TEST&DEMO center

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