Deep Water Solo & Sport Climbing in Mallorca15.10.2016 - 22.10.2016

Something a little different. We love all styles of climbing and DWS is no different. Come with us to sunny Mallorca to discover one of the best DWS destinations on the planet. 

Deep water soloing (DWS) is known in Spanish as psicobloc, which directly translates to “psycho-bouldering”. It involves climbing cliffs with no rope, but with the warm, blue waters of the Mediterranean ready to catch your fall.

Majorca, the birthplace of hard DWS, was made famous as a world-class climbing destination by Chris Sharma. In 2007, he ascended the iconic Es Pontas arch, putting up a “king line” potentially as hard as 9a+/b. Since then, climbers from all over the globe have made their pilgrimage to the Majorcan cliffs to test their endurance and their mettle!

The limestone cliffs offer test pieces for every level, starting with easier grades (5+) and low heights.

Deep-water soloing can be a little intimidating at first, but with the help and instruction of our experienced guides, you will quickly gain confidence and get to fully enjoy this beautiful, pure style of climbing. The Majorca DWS trip is all about new experiences, adventure and simply having fun in the great outdoors, but with Rockbusters coaching you might also surprise yourself with some hard sends!

Majorca also offers many world class sport climbing crags which have been bolted in recent years. They are worth visiting not only when the seas are rough! We will show you the best, secret locations, often not featured in any guidebooks.

With innumerable quality lines available on the coast and throughout the island, you will experience a great climbing adventure while constantly improving your technique and performance. You will immerse yourself in the local climbing culture and enjoy the famous, Rockbusters community spirit. Climbing with us is like climbing with friends - very resourceful, experienced friends, who have everything planned and focus on your climbing throughout the trip! :)

The trip is suitable for anyone with basic climbing skills, such as belaying and tying on. Our team can accommodate every level, from beginners to pros. One-to-one coaching sessions and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere are a guarantee of an unforgettable, amazing trip.

If you’re a confident swimmer hungry for new experiences, this trip is perfect for you.

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Day 1 - Pick up from Palma de Mallorca airport at times to suit the group as a whole. FREE welcome dinner on the first night and a relaxed discussion about the week ahead, people's abilities and ambitions for the week.

Day 2 - Introduction to Deep Water Soloing climbing and its safety in the awesome limestone caves and beaches in Mallorca. Getting a taste for the rock and sea. 

Day 3 - More climbing. Gaining confidence and improving climbing technique for intermediates and advanced.

Day 4 - Getting on fire. Searching for some challenging project and working out the moves.

Day 5 - Time to add some technical coaching. Finding and working a red-point project for the advanced.

Day 6 - Discussion and practice on red-pointing, flash, and onsite methods. Making sure everyone is having fun and progressing their technique on the rock.

Day 7 - Consolidate our weeks work. Finish those projects we started and lock in the skills we learned. It's time for the farewell dinner and party for those with some energy. Maybe meet the boys?

Day 8 - Everyone gets back to the bus station or airport safe and sound and we say goodbye - until next time.

Note: Sport climbing can be added in any day in case of wild sea or cold weather. Everyone needs a rest day but we don't fix these into the itinerary. Listen to your body and take break when you need it.




From sporty non-climbers and beginners through to experts leading at F8, our team will plan the days so that everyone climbs as much they can and gets all the coaching they need.




Pick up and drop off at Palma de Mallorca Airport at times agreed to suit the group. Other locations can be accommodated on request.

As much coaching and guiding as you want and need, from our Rockbusters team.

Transport between crags and beaches.

Shared camping in a range of basic bungalows at the camp site which has hot showers, free wifi, swiming pool and chilled after-climbing atmosphere.

All safety equipment including quick draws, ropes, harness , helmet - but feel free to bring your own.




Evening group meals are provided on request at a cost of 10 euros each. There will normally be 2 dishes on offer and you can go for both. We also include wine .. in reasonable quantities !




Flights, travel and climbing insurance and all other food are not included. You will also need to BRING YOUR OWN CLIMBING SHOES



Arrival: Palma De Mallorca Airport
Departure: Palma De Mallorca Airport