Sergi Medina



Residence: Barcelona, Spain

Years Climbing: 25

Sergi now lives in Greece so he leads the courses and trips in Kalmnos, Leonidio, ...



  • Basic climbing techniques - proper footwork, correct balance, proper use of handholds, ...
  • Advance climbing techniques - sidestep, drop knee, flagging, heel/toe hooks, no hand rests, ...
  • Climbing safety - belay/lead belay, anchor set up, lead climbing, spotting, ...
  • Onsight, flash & redpoint approach to climbing
  • Outdoor climbing risks and their understandings


Sports achievements: 


About Sergi:

Passionate rock climber born and raised in Barcelona, Catalunya.

He growed up surrounded by the best rock climbing areas in the world. I started climbing in areas like Montserrat Siurana or Margalef.

He is climbing with full commitment for more than a decade. Sergi loves and enjoys sharing with people my passion for climbing, and helping them to get better at this fantastic sport

"With more than 11 years of experience in coaching, guiding, and climbing around the world I settle myself in between Greece and Spain, two of the best countries in the world to enjoy the rock, gathering a lot of knowledge to offer the people the best experience you can have in these places."




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