Sara Mikolaskova

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Birthdate: 31. 05. 1990

Residence: Since 2014 living in Norway, based summer in Lofoten, winter Sunnmøre

Years Climbing: 10

Sara is our coach and guide for these events:

Woman Only Climbing Course, Sport Climbing, Beginner Climbing Course, Trad Climbing Course, Multipitch Climbing Course



  • Basic climbing techniques - proper footwork, correct balance, proper use of handholds, ...
  • Advance climbing techniques - sidestep, drop knee, flagging, heel/toe hooks, no hand rests, ...
  • Mental coaching - reaching and overcoming individual limits
  • Fear management
  • Climbing safety - belay/lead belay, anchor set up, lead climbing, spotting, ...
  • Onsight, flash & redpoint approach to climbing
  • Outdoor climbing risks and their understandings
  • Deepwater solo safety specifics, techniques, and tricks


Sports achievements: 


  • Sport 7b+ RP, 7B OS
  • Trad 7b RP, 7A OS


About Sara:

Sara has started to climb on famous Czech sandstone towers in 2013 and from the first touch, there was a real connection. She has been working with or around the outdoors for a long time. Since 2017 Sara works as a trad climbing instructor and guide in Norway. As it is hard to climb there during the winter month, you can find here shredding powder on the skis.



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