Marta Palou Carol


Birthdate: 05/05/1997

Residence: My van, during 6 months I’m in Rodellar

Years Climbing: 13

Facebook Page:

Instagram page:



  • Rockbusters preparation and personalized training programs creator and main trainer
  • Basic climbing techniques - proper footwork, correct balance, proper use of handholds, ...
  • Advance climbing techniques - sidestep, drop knee, flagging, heel/toe hooks, no hand rests, ...
  • Mental coaching - reaching and overcoming individual limits
  • Fear management
  • Climbing safety - belay/lead belay, anchor set up, lead climbing, spotting, ...
  • Onsight, flash & redpoint approach to climbing
  • Outdoor climbing risks and their understandings
  • Woman climbing specifics

Sports achievements:

  • Florida 8c (Rodellar)
  • Eclipse super total 8c FA (Rodellar, Spain)
  • Hidrofobia 8a onsight (Racó de misa, Spain)                                                                                                                
  • Diredcta al jardín 7c TRAD FA                                                                                                                               
  • Spanish vice-champion in lead 2017

About me:

My name is Marta Palou. I fell in love with climbing when I was twelve years old. I started climbing in a gym and competed in national and international competitions for six years. For the past four years, I have been focusing on climbing outside. Since I started climbing I have always been inspired by training. This is why I studied Sports Science. When I finished my degree I moved to Rodellar, where I have climbed routes up to 8c. I spend six months in Rodellar and the other half of the year I live in my van and travel to climb. I have been a qualified trainer and climber for more than thirteen years and have applied my knowledge and experience to personalized training and adapted this to the needs of each person I work with. Climbing is my passion and I love helping others train to reach their own goals in rock climbing.




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