Rock Climbing Valdegovía

Valdegovía (Gaubea) is a beautiful destination located in the Basque country, Spain. Its vertical limestone walls contain over 200 routes ranging from friendly fives to a forbidding 9a line first accented by Patxi Usobiaga.

All routes are set in a breathtaking landscape and various cliff orientations allow for climbing on both hot and chilly days, but Valdegovía is particularly well suited to climbing during warmer months.

Valdegovía is the lesser known climbing area in the Basque country as it is somewhat overshadowed by the nearby Etxauri which offers over 800 routes, including multi-pitches of up to 120m. However, Valdegovía is an excellent climbing destination in its own right and its lower cliffs (up to 25m) lend themselves to technical and bouldery climbing.

In the last few years the area has been gaining more attention from both domestic and international climbers and more excellent routes were opened. With the guidance of the Rockbusters team, you’ll be able to enjoy this hidden gem of a destination and savour some of its very best climbs.

Although most walk-ins are at least 20-30 minutes long, the paths are accessible for families with children. A visit to the nearby outdoor (heated) swimming pool makes for a great rest day activity.





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