Rock Climbing Terradets

Located south of the Pyrenees in Spain, Terradets, as well as many other crags in the area, offers an endless potential for sport climbing.Terradets is well-known for its fantastic, hard sport routes in the very overhanging sector of Paret de les Bruixes. However, there are many styles of climbing across a wide grade range to be found in here. Apart from sport climbing, Terradets is also also home to some high quality multi-pitching.

Rock climbing in Catalonia

Located north of Lleida, Terradets lies in the proximity of many other superb sport climbing destinations. Oliana, Santa Linya, Tres Ponts, Collegats, Camarasa and many more are all easily accessible, only a short drive away from one another. For hard sevens and lower eights, visiting Paret de les Bruixes in Terradets is a must.

The rock in Terradets is super solid limestone, but compared to other crags located north of Lleida, its development started earlier. This means that some of the more classic lines are now quite polished. Some footholds might be black and shiny, but Terradets is still not to be missed as it is simply impossible not to enjoy the steep tufa lines with a lot of sidepulls, slopers and occasionally a small little crimp as well.

There are many long, sustained routes, but you can also find long lines with cruxy, bouldery sections. If you get bored of tufas (which is not likely to happen!), you can move on to some of the more vertical and crimpy climbs which are all to be found in Terradets.

For easier climbing, visit the great Les Bruixes Norte sector. In Paret de les Bagasses you must try the famous ‘Si Fas Free No Fa Fret’, an excellent two-pitch 6b climb. Both sectors remain in the shade for most of the day, so take some extra layers. Another superb multi-pitch venue is Roca Regina.

Climate in Terradets

Climbing days in Terradets are always short, no matter what time of the year you chose to come. The best conditions are in late autumn and winter, as well as early spring. Especially in Les Bruixes, the polished rock requires good friction. The crag is south facing, so cold and sunny winter days are the best. You can also climb on warmer but cloudy autumn days. Because of the nearby dam, the crag often remains foggy and humid until around mid-day or even later.

There is a friendly climbing refuge, as well as a hotel, in the nearby village of Cellers. Many of the villages located about half an hour’s drive from the crag offer further accommodation options.

Getting to Terradets

To get to Terradets, fly to Barcelona Airport, which is located about three hours’ drive from the crag. To avoid renting a car you can stay in the Cellers refuge, which is walking distance from Paret de les Bruixes. To visit more sectors you will unfortunately need a car. 





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