Rock Climbing Les Calanques de Marseille

The rock climbing area of Les Calanques is located in Southern France and stretches from Marseille to the small town of Cassis. It is quite large and consists of eight main sectors, each of which offers a different style of climbing. Climbing in Calanque includes single pitch sport routes, long multi-pitch routes up to 250 metres long, and deep water soloing (DWS).


Rock climbing in Calanques

The Calanque limestone varies from crag to crag and offers a great variety of climbing styles from technical slabs to climbing on steep seaside cliffs or caves. Calanque is a good destination for climbers of all abilities as there is a wide range of grades to be found in the area.

There are about 2500 bolted routes and about a thousand trad climbs in Calanque, making it one of France's largest rock climbing areas.

Climbing in Calanque is possible throughout the year, but for the best conditions visiting in spring is recommended. South-facing crags in Calanque are a good option for climbing in winter as they are usually sheltered from the Mistral, a severely strong wind blowing in this part of Europe every year. For hot summer days Calanque has some great deep water soloing (DWS) to offer. Alternatively, you can also head to some of the north-facing cliffs, but it may be too hot for pushing your grade. 





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