Rock Climbing Gorges du Verdon

Verdon in France is one of the best European crags and it is famous for the high quality of climbing. It offers a wide range of climbing styles in one really unique place. Climbing here is a special experience, not only for the superb limestone, but also for the breathtaking scenery. The crags are spread on both sides of the Verdon river as it carves its way through the hundred metre high gorge.


Climbing in Verdon

There are more than one thousand climbing routes of all grades and styles, from short and friendly sport climbs to impressive big wall routes, both bolted and on traditional protection.

Verdon Gorge is huge and therefore usually divided into three sectors: Upstream, Central and Downstream George. Most of the climbs lead up challenging vertical walls with perfect holds and cracks, but you may find top quality tufa climbing as well.

Verdon offers endless rock of incredibly high quality and the views are stunning, but it is not for free. Climbing here requires a lot of commitment. Typically you have to abseil down, pull the ropes and climb out. Those of you who love exposure will fall in love with Verdon immediately. It is is a quiet crag with a remote feel, where you can experience the profoundness of climbing with no one else around.

The majority of the climbs can be easily accessed from car parks along the road. Some of the routes start at the bottom of the canyon and for those you have to hike through a system of tunnels, which is a great adventure in itself.


Verdon weather

The best season for climbing in Verdon is from late spring through to mid autumn, although you should watch out for afternoon thunderstorms which are not uncommon in August and September. In winter it gets too cold and wet to climb here.

There is a good campsite in the nearby village of La Palud-sur-Verdon.

The crag is located about 2-hour drive from Cannes or Marseille, and is easy to reach by car.





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