Rock Climbing Gorge de la Jonte

Gorge de la Jonte is a top quality climbing destination in France. In boasts more than than 300 superb routes, some of which reach150 metres in height. Surprisingly, Gorge de La Jonte is not well known by foreign climbers, although it is located not far from the very popular climbing area of Gorges du Tarn.


Climbing in Gorge de La Jonte

La Jonte has a long climbing history and many climbs were open before the era of bolting. Many routes remain trad climbs, meaning that only self-placed gear is allowed. Gorge de La Jonte is a great destination for climbers who love adventure and enjoy exposure. Old style French grading means that many of the classic lines are a little sandbagged. Many climbs can feel tough in comparison to the nearby Tarn or other European crags andt is important to be conservative when choosing your first multi-pitch climb in Gorge de La Jonte.

The venue offers quite a variety of single and multi-pitch routes, both bolted and traditional. The rock is solid limestone with pockets, slopers and huecos, and the terrain is mostly vertical or steep. Undoubtedly, the gorge has loads of great climbing in a magnificent setting, and is definitely worth visiting despite its tough grading.


Conditions in Gorge de La Jonte

The majority of climbs are south facing, so the best season for visiting La Jonte runs from autumn through to late spring. Luckily, some of the routes following dihedrals remain shady even on hot days. Longer routes also offer respite from the heat as higher up they tend to catch a cool breeze. 


Remember that climbing with Rockbusters, you don't have to worry about transport or accommodation. We'll pick you up from the airport and everything will be organised to maximise your climbing. If you'd like to visit Gorge de la Jonte with us, please check the current trips calendar (SEE AVAILABILITY ABOVE).


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