Rock Climbing Etxauri

Etxauri is a climbing paradise in the Basque Country, a unique place with an unusually high concentration of great quality crags and a vibrant climbing community. The area has a long standing climbing tradition and Etxauri is one of its epicentres. Set in beautiful scenery, it offers great quality, solid limestone and it is very easy to get to. The climbing sectors of Etxauri lie only fifteen kilometres from Pamplona, a town made famous by Ernest Hemingway.


Climbing in Etxauri

If you like technically challenging climbing, Etxauri is a one of those places which you simply can not miss out on. There are more than 800 lines of all grades and styles but technical, crimpy verticals and smeary slabs dominate above others. There are also some gently overhanging faces, but all routes in Etxauri require great amount of climbing skill, which makes them perfect for improving your technique.

Etxauri is a vast area and, apart from single-pitch sport climbing, there are also many good quality multi-pitches routes.

Most of the more popular sectors are sun facing which makes Etxauri a great spot to enjoy some warmth during winter. Unfortunately, wintertime can get a bit cloudy and even wet, making spring and autumn the best times to visit. Like most other climbing areas in this part of the world, Etxauri is too hot in the summer.


Getting to Etxauri

To get to the Basque Country you can fly to Bilbao, Vitoria or San Sebastian, all of which are within a 2-hour drive from Pamplona. Like everywhere else in Spain, you will benefit from renting a car.

There are three campsites close to Pamplona and you can simply come here and choose which one suits you best. Those of you who are used to the Mediterranean warmth should not forget that the Basque Country’s climate is rather different from the rest of Spain. Nighttime temperatures are much lower and there is more rainfall. The area is also known for its relatively high prices, so if you are travelling on a budget, bringing some supplies from elsewhere might be a good idea. 





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