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Rockbusters – Singing Rock

After a long, happy relationship with Singing Rock, we’re stoked to give you the chance to test their newest climbing gear on our legendary climbing trips.

Here at Rockbusters, we’ve decades of climbing experience - most of the crew lost their youth to some of the best spots around the world and have been coaching and guiding ever since. So, we know a thing or two about killer climbing gear, and we’re totally chuffed to be working in tandem with Singing Rock - in our opinion one of the best gear manufacturers on the planet.

The reasons we love Singing Rock are pretty simple. It’s well made, durable, easy to handle and comfortable. When you spend as much time on the face as we do, that’s all that matters. We also respect their gear because they supported the Rockbusters ethos when we were just starting out. So it makes us all warm and fuzzy inside to let you know we’ll be rolling out the Singing Rock kit for you to try on our trips.


Who are Singing rock

First off, let’s fill you in about Singing Rock and why we dig working with them. The company was founded way back in 1992 by a couple of Czech climbers and a Belgian. Initially they specialised in designing and manufacturing harnesses and ropes, using the most modern machinery. They quickly established a reputation within the climbing community - basically those in the know - for making the highest quality gear.

Since then, Singing Rock has exploded, expanding the range to include belaying devices, carabiners, pulleys, helmets and more. The design team prepares prototypes, which are then tested to the max to ensure the highest quality.

Testers include some of the world’s hottest climbers, like Felipe Camargo, Carlos Logrono, Martin Stráník, Lucie Hrozová, Dušan Stoupa Janák, Pavel Bača Vrtík and others. So you can be damn sure all their gear has really been put through its paces before it hits the market.

Singing Rock are always innovating, pushing the boundaries and developing new equipment to improve the climbing experience. We’re sure that you won’t go back once you stack your rack with Singing Rock gear.


What gear can you test?

Ropes: Icon 9.3 dry, Hero 9.6 dry, Glory 9.8 dry, Mistic 10.1 dry


Singing Rock was launched to fill a hole in the market for world class climbing ropes. This is their bread and butter and what they do best. So, it’s not surprising that they’ve got some killer kit for us to check out. Top quality dynamic and static ropes, and everything else you need to safely get vertical. Their ropes are produced using the latest technologies in the Czech Republic and come with a 100% guarantee of quality and safety.


Harnesses: Onyx, Spinel, Pearl, Garnet


Another of the cornerstones of the whole Singing Rock operation, the harnesses range from awesome to totally awesome. They’re fully adjustable, comfortable and incredibly strong, so you’ll feel good and stay safe at the same time. Like the ropes, all harnesses are made in the Czech Republic from the best modern materials, and are fully tested under extreme conditions by some of the world’s best climbers. So you can be sure you’re getting the best.


Quick draws: Colt Mix, some personalised sets (Extasy, Extasy Wire)

Singing Rock quickdraws are manufactured using the latest technologies including key lock, hot forging and with a unique product number. This means all the quickdraws we’ll be using will be long-lasting and built for maximum strength. These super versatile quickdraws both look great and deliver on the face.


Carabiners: Colt Screw, Bora Screw, Bora GP Screw, Extasy, Extasy Wire, Hipnos Screw, Extasy Screw


Singing Rock has created a huge range of carabiners in all shapes and sizes. There’s oval, HMS, screw lock, wire gate, maillon and more, and they come with the Singing Rock guarantee of quality and incredible strength. They’re made using the best manufacturing techniques and come with a unique product number. Everything they do is totally unique.


Belays: Buddy, Shuttle


The Buddy and Shuttle are classic belay tube and rappel devices suitable for all sorts of climbing. Whether you’re doing your first ascent or you’re an experienced pro, these belay and anchoring devices fit the bill.


Helmets: Penta, Kappa


The brain bucket is an essential piece of safety equipment protecting you from falling objects and blows when you peel - but it can only do this if you wear it. The choice is of course yours, but whether you’re in high mountain terrain or low level sport climbing it could save your life.

Singing Rock helmets are lightweight, tough and have a great design. The Penta is the ultimate lightweight model weighing in at just 205 grams. Kappa is a bit more resistant and tough, at 330 grams, and the universal Terra II is suitable for most climbing activities.

How you can test Singing Rock gear?

To test out any of the Singing Rock gear that we’ve got our chalky hands on, there are three options.

Firstly, spend some quality climbing time with us on one of our awesome climbing holidays. Join us on our legendary Spanish or Euro climbing trips, come Cataluña Climbing or get away from the family with our Christmas Climbing Camp. We’ll be using the latest Singing Rock kit on all our trips, so not only do you get to test the gear but to experience Rockbusters guiding and coaching services, plus enjoy the fun and freakery we have on and off the face.

Or, if time is a bit tight and you can’t squeeze in a whole tour but are still dying to test some of the best kit on the market, you can join us for a climb on any of our trips. Just get in touch to find out where we’ll be, then rock up, hook up and try it out.

We will be taking our Singing Rock Test Centre all over Europe. So if you spot us at a crag come and say hello, and we will talk you through the gear and of course let you test it.


Rockbusters trips:

European Climbing Trip

This Euro extravaganza takes place through August, September and October and sees us covering all the hottest climbing spots on the continent. We’ll hit up the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Spain cranking famous crags and hidden gems on the epic twelve week tour. Come join us at any point for a week or come along for the whole thing for a truly awesome climbing experience.


Sport Climbing Camps

We run a couple of finger shredding Sport Climbing Camps throughout the year. In 2015 we’ll be offering these from 25 July to 1 August in Rodellar Spain and then again in Zillertal Austria from 29 August to 5 September. These epic camps aim to give you a grounding in the basics of sport climbing, with expert tuition available from the Rockbusters crew, as well as all the usual debauchery off the face too. If you want to take it to the next level, this is the camp for you.


Novice Courses

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere. So, if you’re completely new to climbing and want to get your first kicks with the best, join the Rockbusters party for one of their Novice Courses. In 2015, these will be from 25 July, 22 August and 26 September, and each lasts for one week. We reckon this is long enough to learn the basics, build confidence and get hooked on the sport for life.


Czech Sandstone Climbing

As well as the general climbing tours, we also run some more specialised tours. Czech sandstone is very similar to British sandstone so if you’ve already tried that and liked it, this will be right up your alley. The skill set is a little different but the team will be on hand to guide you and offer the best coaching and climbing tips to build your skill level. Courses start on 22 August and 19 September and last for one week.


Rockbustes Coaching Program (foot work / balance)

Another specialist training camp, we’ll look closely at the basics of balance with an aim to improving your overall technique until you’re moving like a mountain goat. This is a great camp for anyone wanting to move on to the next stage, or feels they’ve got stuck at a certain level.


Rockbustes Coaching Program (overhangs)

A part of climbing that requires intense and specialist training and tuition - and Rockbusters are the crew to give it to you. We’ve got two Overhang Courses starting on 19 September and 3 October where we’ll work on your strength and overhang technique to move you forward and get you dangling.


Deep Water Solo

A whole different form of climbing that’s been begging for its very own week. We’ll head down to sunny Mallorca and tackle some cliff faces that drop down into water. The course starts on 17 October and is usually a whole lot of fun and something a little different to enjoy.


Cataluña Climbing

Home to some of Europe’s most kick-ass climbing, this Spanish region deserves its very own week. From 21 November, we’ll be here taking on some of the most epic crag and face in this unique corner of Spain. Come and join us to find out why we just can’t stop returning.


Christmas Climbing Camp

If the thought of another Christmas at home with the family in front of the TV drives you crazy, then come and get freaky with us on the 19 December to experience a festive party you’ll never forget. We’ll be down in Spain again, where the sun should be shining and where you can enjoy Christmas with your new climbing family.


San Fermin

One of our very favourite places to climb, we visit San Fermin every year in July. The crags at Etxauri are awesome and well worth getting vertical on - particularly with new Singing Rock gear to test.


How to book a test

To test some Singing Rock gear or to find out more about any of the above trips please get in touch by email: or phone: +34678243573. We’re always happy to hear from you and hope you can come join the ‘Singing Rockbusters’ crew as soon as possible.