Patxi Usobiaga TRAINING

Patxi Usobiaga is the first climber who onsight 8c+, World Champion, and a winner of two consecutive World Cups in lead climbing. Known well for his uncompromised training methods and commitments. Do not miss this unique opportunity to train Patxi and get his KNOW-HOW.

If you want to take your climbing to the next level then join the Rockbusters Climbing Workshop with world champion climber Patxi Usobiaga. He has built his explosive climbing style on hard work and intense training using the Puctraining method.

Over two days at the new bouldering and training gym in Reus, Patxi will introduce you to Puctraining and teach you how to use his successful methods. Using a campus board Puctraining is based on the A-T-R method of Accumulation, Transformation, and Realization.

Patxi will take you through these three cycles, sensing and analyzing the intensities required for each cycle based on your needs. From this, a personal campus board is created that will improve your strength and technique pushing your climbing to the next level.

Puctraining is taught on climbing walls (boulders) that have the following facilities:
- Campus board
- Fingerboard
- Panel With slumps between 45 degrees-15 degrees

Climbing with Patxi Usobiaga on the Puctraining workshop is not for beginners, as you’ll need pre-existing climber's strength in your tendons. However, a beginner climbing week with the Rockbuster’s crew would be the perfect preparation.

During the course, Patxi will adapt your Puctraining difficulty to focus each guest's training on what they need to improve. He’s also willing to offer ongoing training support beyond the workshop – you’ll need to arrange this directly with Patxi.

Schedule of the Puctraining workshop

The first day 9 am - 8 pm
-Practice Transformation
-Visualisation and aspects of sport psychology

The second day 9 am - 6 pm

-Practice Transformation
-Practice Accumulation
-Analysis and conclusions

What’s included


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