Introduction to bouldering

If you totally newbie to bouldering or you have some indoor bouldering experience, this course is tailored 100% to you. 

Originally bouldering was invented as a form of training for climibng with rope to practice specific moves, build bigger range of technical skills you have in pocket adn as a great power training. Througout the years it has developed into individual rock climibng disciplin with its own culture, ethics, grades, copetitions, ... In short, bouldering means climibng onto small rock formations using only crashpads to avoid hard falls. No ropes, no harness, no hard equipment, ...


For Rockbusters specially in places like Albarracin it has become love on first sight. 


On this Rockbustes course you can expect to learn:

  • all necessary equipment, how to handle it, how to choose it
  • how to spot
  • crash pads managements
  • how to fall
  • boulderig ethics (no noise, clean your chalk, no trash, 


Here’s a little look at what to expect when you join Rockbusters Coaching Programme.


Slab/vertical ground

Focusing on footwork, you will learn how to work with your balance, finding the most efficient and effective way to move on the rock. 



You will experience a wide range of techniques and skills in practice, which will increase your confidence and performance while climbing overhangs. You’ll develop skills to help you handle climbing steep rocks.


Flash / red point

This part of the course is well-suited to climbers who are confident enough with their balance, foot work and overhang technics, and who want to focus on more challenging boulders.


As well as building confidence, strength and taking on some tough climbs, this is a Rockbusters course so you can also expect a hefty dollop of fun. We love what we do and that really comes across in all our tours and programmes. We like to party almost as much as we like to climb, so get ready to have a blast on and off the face.

Sometimes you just can't be bothered with a rope and harness. We know that feeling better than most but it doesn’t mean you can’t still test your climbing skills to the limit.  

Albarracin is one of the top spots for anyone who’s boulder-mad. Join us for one of our epic Rockbusters bouldering trips and you’ll get to take on some of Europe’s best sandstone. There are big roofs, overhangs and high balls aplenty, as well as slabs of all grades. And if you deck out, it’s never a big drop.

Bouldering is also a great way for beginners to build confidence. Work on your strength, tone up and get your technique straight without having to take on any high routes before you’re ready.

We can’t mention Albarracin without talking about the stunning scenery. This place is simply incredible and a killer backdrop to it’s world-class boulders. So, if you’re tired of being tied up with ropes and harnesses, get yourself to Albarracin with Rockbusters and fall in love with climbing all over again. 

We provide the complete climbing experience where technique and down time are equally important. Come and join the Rockbusters crew for bouldering and partying to see for yourself. 

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What you need to know

Typical day

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What’s included



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