Daila Ojeda Climbing WORK SHOP

Join Daila Ojeda and the Rockbusters team in Spain at some of the world’s best sport climbing venues. During this trip you will receive Daila Ojeda’s tailored coaching and have a unique opportunity to observe her flawless technique. Daila is one of the most accomplished female climbers, known for frequent ascents of sport routes up to f8c level. Benefitting from Daila’s experience and expertise, you will make a leap in climbing progression while enjoying the informal, fun atmosphere of this trip. 

The aim of this trip is to maximise your time on the rock and progress your performance by enhancing your climbing technique and improving your mental game. This camp will be especially useful for climbers who have plateaued at a certain level and are struggling to make the leap into harder grades. Learning from one of the world’s best sport climbers is a unique opportunity to speed up your climbing progression.


Daila Ojeda is known not only for her extremely difficult ascents in Catalonia, but also for her inspirational attitude and psyche. Although pro climbers rarely can contribute their time to coaching, Daila loves giving back to the community by running courses and workshops. In collaboration with Rockbusters, she has led many great trips and helped lots of climbers reach the next level in their climbing.


Minimum of 3 participants. In other case we will offer different trip/camp in same or higher value or issue full refund.

This trip runs in the traditional Rockbusters masterclass format. This means that you will bring the psych and the desire to push yourself, and our pro-climber coach will provide you with the tools necessary to succeed. After just one week of coaching you will not only know much more about physical and psychological climbing techniques, but will also have practiced them on the rock.


Because of the intense nature of this trip, we recommend it only for extremely motivated climbers who are confident in leading f6a and above. Thanks to small groups we can accommodate the needs of climbers at various levels up to f8.


During the course of the trip we will focus on balance and movement on steep terrain. We will practice efficient footwork and learn to find the best rests. You will get to practice knee drops, heel and toe hooks, as well as dynamic, dead-point moves in order to save as much energy as possible and climb harder than ever.


To maximise your progression, most of the time will be spent of the rock, with brief theoretical talks delivered by Daila on an ad-hoc basis. Every year, the participants in our pro-climber coached trips experience spectacular leaps in their climbing progression, so expect nothing less!  


What to expect?

After meeting Daila and the Rockbusters team, we’ll discuss your goals and choose the most suitable crag for the group. Then we’ll get started on the rock, where you’ll be spending plenty of time.... Learning will consist of short workshops, between climbing routes and practicing the moves.

During the week we’ll move through and focus on:

  • Balance and movement on steep and overhanging terrain. Specifically footwork, flow and efficient rests.

  • Overhangs – covering a wide range of techniques, saving energy on steeper rock, dynamic moves and sequences, knee drops, heel and toe hooks.

  • On-sighting and red-pointing – ethos, attitude and techniques to take you into the higher grades.

  • One or two days of bouldering if possible

  • Intro into trad climbing, proper placement of your gear, building anchors, ... if possible

This is a unique opportunity to climb with Dalia Ojeda and benefit from her experience and passion for climbing. So why not join the Rockbuster’s team on our Advanced Climbing Camp to push your climbing to the next level.


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What you need to know

  1. We welcome intermediate to expert climbers. To get the most out of this coaching camp we recommend that you are leading comfortably in grades you climb, min F6a (5.10).
  2. Our number one goal is to push your limits to another dimension so be prepared to get out of your comfort zone.
  3. This is a climbing trip and our number one goal is to maximize your time spent on the rock.
  4. Worries free climbing vacation. Book your flights and leave rest to us. We sort out all logistics for you.

Typical day

Wake up, have a relaxing breakfast, coffee in local bakery. We will meet up at 10am to discuss the plan for the day so make sure you are ready to go!

8 – 10am

All aboard! We pack into the cars and head off to the crag.

Jump on some warm up climbs and start getting your body moving. Look up for some challenges for the day and figure out the beta. Of course there is always time for some cool coaching.

11am - 2pm

Lunchtime! Pull out your packed lunch and relax on Spanish sun with great Siurana/Margalef views. This is also a good time to snap some photos.

Back to climbing. Using what you learned in the morning, and our individualized coaching, start nailing the projects down.

2.30 - 6pm
6 - 7pm

Time to relax with a well-earned beer from one of the local climbing bars. We will re-group, discuss the highlights from the day and what the focus will be tomorrow.

Pour yourself some Greeks wine/beer and get something to eat. Who knows where the night will lead…


There are no rules but most of us will be in bad this time!

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We gonna be accommodated in private house rented by Daila in Leonidio. Shared rooms.


Upon arrival you can stop in store to shop for breakfast and lunch food for the week. There is refrigerator in the hostel, and there are shops in Leonidio to replenish supplies.

There are plenty restaurants and bars in Leonidio to have dinner. Communal dinners can be organized if required.


We provide all the gear, but you will need to bring your own reasonably tight climbing shoes and harness. We have belay devices, slings, and helmets, but you might prefer to bring your own. We strongly suggest bringing a down jacket, a hat, a rain jacket, a pair of comfortable approach shoes, head lamp, sleeping bag, and a backpack big enough for carrying lunch and gear to the crag. 

What’s included

- Individualized coaching
- Climbing safety equipment & gear

- Airport pick up and drop off are organized by shared rental cars FREE of CHARGE
- Transportation between crags FREE of CHARGE
- Accommodation FREE of CHARGE


- Transportation to Spain
- Travel & climbing insurance
- Food & drinks (group dinner can be purchased for €15 per meal)


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