Adam Ondra & Patxi Usobiaga WORK SHOP

The best climber on the planet Adam Ondra and his trainer Patxi Usobiaga on unique work shop sharing their climbing/training know how and guiding you through it. Join Adam and Rockbusters for ON SIGHT & RED POINT work shop followed by Patxi Usobiaga PUC TRAINING.

Have we got a climbing treat for you! An intensive one week Rockbusters climbing week with champion climbers to develop your training, improve your mindset and learning how to prevent injury. Expect a dramatic improvement in your climbing and a great time.

We’re so excited about this week. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for good climbers to take their climbing to the next level, and to set the foundations to keep improving. You’ll be spending time on the face with World Champion Patxi Usobiaga, the World’s best climber Adam Ondra and climbing physio to the pro’s Pablo Scorza.

PUC Training with Patxi Usobiaga

Patxi has built his explosive climbing style, and World Champion successes on intense PUC training using a campus board. He’ll teach you his methods over two days at the new bouldering and training gym in Reus.

Patxi will analyse your strengths and weaknesses developing a personal campus board to improve your strength and technique. As PUC Training is about pushing your climbing to the next level he’ll leave you with clear goals to help you achieve this.

Find out more about PUC Training with Patxi Usobiaga


On-sight & red point coaching with Adam Ondra

Pinch yourselves to check you are not dreaming…. Adam Ondra is regularly discussed as one of the World's best climbers, and he’ll be spend two days on-sight and red point coaching you on the crags of Siurana and Margalef.

Expect a lot of climbing with a focus on strategy and mindset. The goal? To send a route first time that’s above your normal level. Not only is there bucket loads of hands on coaching from Adam but all the typical Rockbusters fun.

More info about climbing with Adam Ondra


Functional Biomechanics of climbing workshop by Pablo Scorza

Most climbing injuries are not due to falls but down to cumulative wear and tear. These lead to time away from the face meaning you lose strength and time practicing. But avoid injuries and very simply you’ll become a better climber.

Functional Biomechanics is a proven for preventing climbing injuries. It helps you develop a well balanced body, improving your coordination, accuracy, muscle harmony, sense of balance, flexibility and strength. All while teaching you to be more aware of your body ultimately helping you to send tougher routes.

Find out more about Functional Biomechanics for climbing


Join us for this incredible week of climbing, who knows perhaps a future World Champion will be made!






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