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What's Europe's best bouldering destination?

The cradle of bouldering, Fontainebleau is undoubtedly the biggest and most well known pebble wrestling destination in Europe. The beautifully featured sandstone is highly condition dependent and as the temperatures rise, boulderers head to other well established or more obscure venues.


Our long term love affair with Spain makes us choose Albarracin as our favourite bouldering destination, followed closely by La Pedriza.



If you want to sample the fine, orange sandstone of Albarracin, join us on our upcoming trip in April!



Known as the Joshua Tree of Europe, La Pedriza is less popular with foreigners than Albarracin but locals have long known its value. It’s an extensive area which stays cool even when summer takes hold of the rest of Spain.




When it comes to climbing on granite in a beautiful Alpine setting, there’s no better place than Zillertal in Austria. It is a well established Tyrolean mountain sports destination with a wealth of skiing and trad climbing. Recently it’s become more popular as a bouldering destination and in spring you can often chose to either ski up high in the mountains or boulder in the sun drenched valleys.





If you don’t care for trad or sport climbing but bouldering on granite is your jam, you simply cannot miss out on visiting Magic Wood. In an alpine setting similar to Tyrol, hard boulder problems hide from the sun beneath a thick canopy of a beautiful pine forest. Thanks to the altitude, visiting Magic Wood is possible even in the height of summer.





What’s your favourite or dream bouldering destination? Let us know in comments!

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