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Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker climbing on Czech Sandstone Towers

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Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker (aka the Wideboyz) are known for their unorthodox taste in sketchy trad and offwidths, so it was inevitable that at some point they’d make a trip to the Czech sandstone towers!

This full-length feature documentary shows their adventures as they make their way through some of the region’s classics and get a little spanked. They quickly learn that grades don’t mean much here! (Have a look at the ascent of “White Rose” 6c+.)

Undoubtedly, the Wideboyz are the best prepared newcomers to this very unique area. Both the climbing style and protection on slings and knots make for a very interesting experience but at the same time require a lot of local experience.

Many routes on the Czech sandrone are extremely demanding in terms of head game but climbing here is not all about testing your mental limits. While most lines are more psychologically demanding than their grade equivalents elsewhere, the best approach to take is forgetting about grades and simply enjoying the climbing.


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