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Europe Trip 2019: Zillertal. Sport Climbing With Alpine Touch


Zillertal welcomed us with its sharp peaks rising above the narrow valley, fresh cool alpine air and the pleasant noise of the Zemmbach river. What excitement to experience all this again.

Like last year, we stayed in a cozy alpine farmhouse in Ginzling. Though the weather was not on our side for the whole week, we enjoyed ourselves greatly. The sauna and wood stove in the house contributed to that. We also went for a very nice hike on a day when the rain didn’t let us climb at all.

Despite the occasional showers, we climbed enough to make everybody happy and tired. We spent three perfect days and one half-day at Ewige Jagdgründe, or The Eternal Hunting Grounds, a beautiful climbing spot with amazing granite-like rock formations (not “true granite”) rising up on both sides of the Zemmbach river.

Some of the climbs there start literally from the riverbank and one needs to be careful as the water in the river can rise very quickly. Probably due to rainfall higher up in the mountains. One of our guests for the week, Anna from Edinburgh, lost her helmet and a climbing shoe to the stream, leaving her stuff below one of the climbs when the place got suddenly “flooded”.

Another great full climbing day was spent in Bergstation, The Mountain Station, where the climbs are pretty long, vertical and sustained. The rock here is different from that in the Ewige Jagdgründe, not resembling granite. Less sharp edges and somewhat less friction.

Again, our team was great and very motivated. For Sylvia, Alexandra and Alex this was already the third week on the trip, thus a day off was a welcomed necessity. Doug, our longtime friend, came with his family, Chandra and Brandon (the youngest, 6-month old participant). They all seemed to have a great time between family, friends and climbing. Anna would continue with us to our next stop, Finale Ligure, and apart from losing things she pushed herself for some nice redpoints. George came to join us all the way from Lebanon and fought greatly for all his climbs despite the weather that felt at times too cold for him.

Thanks Anna, Chandra, Alexandra, Doug, George and Brandon for joining the trip.

And, of course, big up to Erin for all the great meals she has kept feeding us with since the start of the trip.


Our next destination is Finale Ligure. Check the blog later for more pics and short reports.


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