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Europe Trip 2019: Sandstone Of The Elbe Valley


Rockbusters have hit the road again. And won’t come back any soon.



Like every year, we started our European journey in our local area. The scenic valley of the river Elbe offers epic climbs on sandstone up to 80 meters long and is infamous for huge run-outs typical for sandstone climbing in the Czech Republic and neighboring Germany.



Like every year, we set our base camp in a lovely house of Pájka, a local climber who has done many first ascents in the valley and knows almost every bolt here. Which is not many anyway.



Our 6-headed team was very ambitious and bold. Some of the people even went for leading on those scary routes. And some were unstoppable, though they were doing enormous mileage on the rock everyday. Mariña, our guest from the Canary Islands, would need to be literally pulled down from the crag in order to call it a day. Similarly, Sylvia and Alex from Italy/UK would go for every climb we put up and kept saying that "today they already need to take it easy".



All in all, the first week was a big success. A lot of great, long routes on perfect sandstone, amazing scenery and nice Czech beer in the local climbers’ bar.



Thank you to everyone who came and had a great time climbing with us. Thank you Sylvia, Alex, Mariña, Melissa, Alexandra and Yann…


Next stop: Frankenjura!


Photo Credit: @pernikphoto


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