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The best rock climbing shoes


Not really any safety concerns need to be taken when buying climbing shoes but believe me, it is quite an alchymy to choose the right ones and the proper size for you. When looking for the best rock climbing shoes for yourself you are searching for the balance between performance and comfort. The right shape and good size can make your climbing day.


As you can imagine, you will be looking into different types and also fits when searching climbing shoes for hard sport climbs or bouldering and when preparing for long multipitch days or big walls. There are gonna be bit different shoes for indoor competition climbing/bouldering and outdoor climbing.


In general, we can say you want your climbing shoes to be tight. Climbing shoes provide the connection between your feet and usually quite small rock features you need to use when standing on a rock and supporting your body with your legs. Big shoes just won’t do the job and you won’t be able to stick small footholds.



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Theoretically, your foot and your rock climbing shoes should become one single body. There should not be any empty spaces in the shoe. The rock climbing shoe should fit as gloves to your foot. 


It is all quite individual and it takes some trying and testing to find the best thing for yourself. Here are just a few leads that can help you to speed up the whole process.


For single-pitch hard sport climbing your shoes can be tighter than you think they can but make sure you still are able to step on small foot holds and press on them. There is no point to lose all sensibility and get your feet totally numbed. 


Now one important tip, do not buy “BEGINNER” and “TOO COMFORTABLE” climbing shoes if you aim to hop on more technical sport climbing routes on real rock as they won't do any good for you. Even if you consider yourself to be a beginner, get some performance, bit stiffer shoes. 



>> With Rockbusters you can test Evolv performance shoes in real action on the rock: Evolv DEMO & TEST center <<


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