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Adam Ondra teaches EpicTV Climbing presenter how to climb in Margalef

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Creating a climbing trip where everybody could have the chance to learn from Adam Ondra was at first seemed an impossible idea but when Rockbusters’ Jan Novotny approached Adam with his plan, it turned out that despite his crazy training regime and sponsor commitments, Adam was keen to share his experience with others.

Jan assembled a dream team that included not only Adam Ondra but also pro climber and coach Patxi Usobiaga and a climbing physiotherapist Pablo Scorza.

In March, for the second year running, the unique masterclasses were held on the crags of Margalef and in Reus’ fantastic training facility, Monobloc. We decided to invite EpicTV Climbing Daily to join us in Spain and document the event.

For behind the scenes of making this episode of EpicTV Climbing Daily, make sure to check out Matt Groom’s vlog below:

Click here to get to know more about the Rockbusters idea of climbing and coaching by pro athletes.

You can watch EpicTV Climbing Daily episode with physiotherapist Pablo scorza here.


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